Injuries to Children

When a child is injured, it hurts everyone

     A parent’s worst nightmare seeing their child hurt or in pain. We do everything possible to keep our children safe, but sadly accidents happen everyday that injure our children. I have experience dealing with the families of injured children and I understand the emotion involved when making a recovery to secure the future for an injured child.

Types of Accidents

     Children, like adults, can be injured in any type of accidents. Too often I see children who have been injured in bus accidents. While most injuries in a bus accident can be minor, I have seen catastrophic injuries caused by the lack of restraints in the bus. When children are involved in a car accident, even when properly secured in a car seat, they can be injured by another driver or even the car seat they were secured in. When a child is injured when they were properly secured in car seat, the car seat your child was riding in may have been defective. This may be an example of a product liability case.

Defective Products & Product Liability Cases

     Defective products which often injure children can include playground equipment, bicycles, baby gear, escalators and even toys.  Cases involving an injury at a public place or another person’s home may be examples of premise liability cases. Premise liability cases are designed to hold another party responsible for allowing an unsafe condition to exist.

Children Injured by Dogs

     Most children love dogs, but sometimes dogs bite. When a small child is bitten by a dog, the child can suffer permanent scarring, disfigurement and emotional damage. Because children are small, I have seen injuries caused by a dog that has not even bitten the child. Often children are injured when trying to flee from a dog. The dog owner may be liable in these dog fright cases.

Sexual Abuse

     The worst type of injury anyone may ever see is the emotional pain caused by the sexual abuse of a child. Attorney Joseph Nypaver has been representing sexual abuse victims for over 20 years, gaining financial recoveries for many abuse survivors. Attorney Joseph Nypaver  served as co-counsel in a case where the only verdict was ever achieved in Pennsylvania on behalf of a victim of sexual abuse against a pedophilic priest, the diocese and the bishop who knowingly reassigned this child predator.  Attorney Joseph Nypaver  handled cases against members of the clergy, teachers, and school guards.  If your child has been sexually abused your child may be entitled to a financial recovery from the offender or the institution that employed that person.

     Attorney Joseph Nypaver understands the devastation that an injury to a child has on the entire family. He has helped the families of many injured children obtain a financial recovery. He cannot take away the pain or turn back the clock, but he can help you secure a fair financial recovery because that is what our legal system allows. Your child may require life-long medical care. The negligence caused by another individual may prevent your child from having a future, a family or a livelihood.

     Contact Attorney Nypaver today for a free case evaluation. Injury cases are always handled on a contingency fee basis. This means you will not be charged attorneys' fees unless I have recovered money damages for you.  Free home, evening, and hospital visits are available.