Insurance Disputes / Claim Denials


When Financial Injury Compounds the Damage of a Physical Injury

Bringing a bad faith insurance claim against your insurance company

You've paid for insurance and you expect it to be there when you need it. But insurance companies are in business to make an incredible profit by paying out as little as they can. Insurance companies spend millions on PR and advertising campaigns to convince their customers that they care, but the bottom line is this­: your interests and the insurance company's interests are not the same.

·         You want to receive money for injuries and damages that should be covered under your policy.

·         The insurance company wants to keep your money to generate an even greater profit.

If you've been treated unfairly or have been denied payment on an insurance claim, that's when you need to contact Pennsylvania consumer protection attorney Joseph Nypaver. I will hold insurance companies accountable for the policies they sell to people and small businesses. I will fight to get you the compensation you deserve by taking your bad faith insurance claim to court.

What is Insurance Bad Faith?

An insurance company is acting in bad faith when it tries to avoid paying on an insurance claim, when it is very slow in making payment, or when it fails to pay the full benefits that the insurance holder is entitled to. In Pennsylvania, an insurance company that engages in these unfair business practices can be held responsible and charged punitive damages and the cost of legal fees, in addition to providing the coverage they should have provided in the beginning.  As one example I have represented consumers against insurance companies who abuse peer reviews to avoid paying medical bills for their own insureds.

How Do I Know if I've Been Unfairly Denied on my Claim?

Chances are, you won't know. Most people think that if the insurance company denied their claim, it's because they weren't entitled to payment. Most people don't talk to a lawyer to find out if their rights have been violated by an unfair claim denial.

Don't make that mistake. Contact consumer protection lawyer Joseph Nypaver.  immediately after you learn that your claim has been denied, or if you suspect your claim will be denied based on something the company has said.

Your initial consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose by getting additional information from the  lawyer who has years of experience helping people get compensation through bad faith insurance claims litigation.

Time is a factor. You may have as little as one year to pursue your injury and damages claim. Most bad faith insurance cases come from auto insurance policies, but I also see cases relating to life insurance, homeowner's insurance, fire insurance, and small business liability insurance.  Call me at 814-696-7800 to make an appointment for a free consultation.