Sexual Abuse

Helping the Victims of Sexual Abuse Find Justice

Holding child molesters and their protectors accountable

Attorney Joseph Nypaver is experienced  in representing sexual abuse victims. Attorney Joseph Nypaver  has been representing child sexual abuse victims for over 20 years, gaining financial recoveries for many abuse survivors.

Equally important to the men and women whose lives have been devastated by these criminal acts is the opportunity to hold church leaders, supervisors and employers who looked the other way accountable. It is inexcusable for people in positions of authority to knowingly place children at risk. Sadly, he now knows from the priest-child sex scandals exposed throughout the United States and internationally, that is exactly what has occurred for decades in the Catholic Church and in other churches as well.

If you are a victim of sexual abuse, whether in Pennsylvania, or any other state, contact the law office of Joseph Nypaver as soon as possible. It is important that you act quickly, before memories fade and legal problems with the statute of limitations occur.

Sexual Abuse Cases and the Statute of Limitations

Pennsylvania's law dealing with sexual abuse enacted in 2002, will help more recent victims of abuse get justice and compensation. The statute of limitations law in Pennsylvania for adults who were victims of child abuse has been strictly upheld by the Courts. More mature adults may therefore find that their case is barred because they waited too long to file their claim. Other states, however, have a taken a more enlightened view towards the sexual abuse of children and  permit older claims, otherwise time barred, to go forward.

Before you decide it's too late to pursue justice, call my office at 814-696-7800 or email a sexual abuse attorney today.  let me evaluate your situation to see if I can help you hold your abuser and their protectors accountable.

You could not get justice as a child, but you may be able to do so now.

I will treat you with compassion and understanding. Through my years of experience I understand the serious effects of sexual abuse. Contact my law firm if you suffered sexual abuse by a member of the clergy, teacher, camp counselor, security guard, or other trusted adult.

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