Defective Products

Obtaining Financial Recovery for Injuries Caused by Using a Dangerous, Defective Product

Product liability lawsuits hold manufacturers accountable for the products they sell

Every day we trust our lives, and the lives of our loved ones, to the care of companies. Whenever we use a product, a hair dryer, a kerosene heater, a refinishing product, a power tool, even a car, we expect that the product will perform properly and will not injure us. When we purchase food at a restaurant or store, we expect that we are buying a product that will not cause illness or death.

Sometimes our expectations are not met; our trust is misplaced.

Every year thousands of Americans are seriously injured or killed by defective products  they use. Some of this pain, grief, and loss could have been avoided if manufacturers had used proper care in the design and manufacture of their product, or in communicating to customers how to properly use the product.

When manufacturers and distributors place profits above the safety of the public, they need to be held accountable. One of the few ways an individual can hold a large company accountable is with a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Contact the Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, product liability attorney  Joseph J. Nypaver to learn about your rights to fair and full compensation.

Bringing a Product Liability Lawsuit to Court

Defective products routinely cause serious injury: serious burns, explosions, toxic fumes, lacerations, scars and disfigurement, poisoning, and death.

·         Poorly designed SUVs injure people when they roll over under normal road conditions

·         Defective seat belts fail during an accident, causing passengers to be thrown from the vehicle

·         Defective air bags deploy in non-emergency conditions causing air bag injury to children and adults, or fail to inflate or deflate properly, leading to suffocation deaths

·         Defective tires or treads lead to tire blowouts and car accidents

·         Unsafe toys from manufacturers in countries that don't have the same stringent manufacturing requirements we have in the U.S. can contain hazardous chemicals, small parts, or detachable parts that represent choking hazards to children

Product liability lawyer Joseph Nypaver is committed to helping injured people get the compensation they need and the justice they deserve in court. Attorney Nypaver has achieved results for injured people in south central Pennsylvania. Contact a Pennsylvania defective products attorney to schedule a free initial consultation.  All cases are taken on a contingency fee basis.  This means you will not be charged attorney's fees unless I have recovered money damages for you.  I offer free home, evening, and hospital visits.