Personal Injury

If You've Been Seriously Injured

Let Attorney Joseph J. Nypaver handle your legal headaches so you can focus on physical recovery

After an accident with injuries, you may be experiencing so many more daily difficulties that it's hard to think about talking to a lawyer. Most people are tempted to just talk to the claims adjuster for the insurance company and accept the money they're offered. That could be a costly mistake.

Take a few minutes today to talk directly to a personal injury attorney by calling 814-696-7800. Attorney Joe Nypaver has been helping injured people in south central Pennsylvania for over 25 years.

Why Work with a Lawyer?

Research shows that people who work with an injury attorney receive more money from insurance companies for their injuries. It may (or may not) take a little more time to get compensation, but with assertive legal representation, you can feel confident that you've gotten the maximum benefit you deserve. Insurance companies know the law, do you?

Think about this: insurance companies make money by selling insurance policies, not by paying benefits or claims on insurance policies. If they pay, they want to pay the minimum amount. They have a financial incentive to downplay your injuries and your losses.

At the law office of Attorney Joseph Nypaver, he brings cases against insurance companies when they don’t treat you the way they should. He will not hesitate to take your case to court if you and he believes that is going to get you the best result. Attorney Nypaver has handled hundreds of injury cases through the years and he is sensitive to how an injury can change your life and affect you and your family. Attorney Nypaver knows that you may have a loss of income that requires prompt attention to your needs. He takes this commitment to you seriously with direct personal and professional legal assistance.

Back Injuries: Lower back and spinal cord injuries are debilitating. Paralysis from spinal cord injuries, chronic pain from herniated disks, and loss of motion and strength are life changing. Medical bills, rehabilitation, home modifications, modified vehicles, and perhaps lost wages are some of the expenses that must be covered.

Head Injuries: Whiplash, neck injury, concussion (closed head injuries), and traumatic brain injury are significant head injuries with long-term consequences. Because the victim may have suffered brain damage, family members are often better able to identify that a serious head injury has occurred.

If you've suffered a serious personal injury in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, an electrocution injury or other harm from a defective product, or a first, second, or third degree burn or serious injury in a poorly maintained building, you need financial help to recover. Contact personal injury lawyer  Joseph J. Nypaver.