Truck  Accidents


Obtaining Financial Recovery after a Pennsylvania Truck Accident

Bringing a personal injury lawsuit against a reckless trucker or negligent trucking company

Pennsylvania has some 4,000 miles of public roads, all of them clogged with heavy truck traffic. Mountainous, curving roadways, extended tunnels, limited vision, and high speeds contribute to Interstate highway and Pennsylvania Turnpike traffic deaths every year.

Whatever combination of circumstances led to the trucking accident that affected your family, your life has been tragically changed. Whether from serious personal injuries, or from the loss of a loved one, you are facing difficult times, forcing you to cope with financial stress and loss.

I have also represented children and adults injured while riding as passengers in school buses as well as commercial buses. A company in the business of transporting children to and from school or taking you from one point to another must exercise appropriate professional standards. As with truck accidents, it is important to allow us to investigate your case as soon as possible.

People who haven't experienced a serious trucking accident can't know how you feel, but injury attorney Joseph Nypaver understands the difficulties you're facing. I have helped hundreds of injured people and grieving families begin the path to healing and financial recovery after accidents. I can help you.

Contact my Hollidaysburg injury law office to talk to  personal injury lawyer Joseph Nypaver about whether you could be entitled to financial compensation with a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

A personal injury lawsuit is about more than money, it's about your life and your family's life. It's about your ability to get the medical and rehabilitative care you need to become independent again, or as independent as possible. It's about caring for your spouse and children when you can't work. It's about recovery.

Interstate Trucking Accidents

Truck wrecks can have many causes and it's impossible to know what caused the accident that affected you and your family until it's investigated. That's the job of your personal injury attorney.

Commercial trucking is heavily regulated by federal laws in order to protect the public safety. In some ways this regulation makes it easier to investigate a tractor trailer or 18-wheeler accident. But it's important that the investigation begin as soon as possible after an accident. Required records can go missing and evidence can be destroyed.

Driver errors, excessive speed, and bad judgment are some of the most common causes of trucking accidents. But it's also possible that brake failure from poor maintenance, overloaded trucks and steep roads on interstates 99, 70, 76, or 80, could be to blame. Attorney Joseph Nypaver works with professional investigators to get to the bottom of your accident.

Free Case Evaluation - No Recovery / No Fee

Contact my office to talk about your crash with a pick-up truck, semi truck, or big rig. Proving the case is our job. Your job is recovery.

Personal injury cases are always handled on a contingency fee basis. This means you will not be charged attorneys' fees unless I have recovered money damages for you.  Home, evening, and hospital visits are available.