Turnpike Accidents

PA Turnpike travel is convenient, but can be very dangerous

Sadly, it seems that not a week goes by where we do not hear about a serious car accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  These cases have involved cars, minivans, SUV’s, buses, coal trucks, commercial vehicles and even semis. Because of the high rate of speed most people travel on the turnpike, these accidents often cause serious injuries and even fatalities.

Tractor Trailer Accidents on the PA Turnpike

Because the Pennsylvania Turnpike connects several states, it is often the main route for commercial truckers hauling goods, oil, gas, coal, produce and other products across PA. Pennsylvania’s mountainous terrain, windy roads and bad weather make a terrible combination for truckers who travel across our state. When a large truck collides with a smaller vehicle, the results are devastating.

Although an accident on the turnpike is investigated in the same way an accident that happened on most any of our interstates it is important that the attorney you have investigate your case is familiar with the highway that that collision occurred on. You also want to make sure that attorney is familiar with the local authorities who responded to and investigated that case.

Contact the Central Pennsylvania law office of Attorney Joseph Nypaver for free legal advice concerning your personal injury or wrongful death claim. My office is located in close proximity to the Bedford and Breezewood exits, but I welcome cases from those injured anywhere on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Experience at Your Side

For more than 25 years, injury Attorney Joseph Nypaver has been providing aggressive and dedicated legal service to the victims of car collisions, motorcycle accidents, and trucking accidents who were injured on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. I work with professional accident investigators to uncover any factors that could have contributed to your injuries.

·         Did a dangerous weather condition contribute to the accident?

·         Was there a commercial truck involved and was that driver following all regulations?

·         Were drugs or alcohol involved?

·         Was the other driver traveling above the speed limit or too fast for the conditions?

I work with medical and rehabilitation specialists to document your injuries and any permanent disability you may have that could limit your future earning potential. I access every necessary resource to provide a strong position for negotiation or to prove your case in court. With full financial compensation, you can afford the medical and support services you need to become as independent as possible after serious injuries.

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Attorney Joseph Nypaver  understands what a life changing event an accident can be for the entire family. I have helped hundreds of injured people, and the families of those who have been tragically taken away because of the negligence of another, obtain a financial recovery. I cannot take away your pain or bring back a loved one, but I can help you recover a fair financial recovery because that is what our legal system allows.

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